Leather Care

Opelle uses Full grain natural leathers of the highest quality possible. We source tanneries in Italy, Germany and Spain. Wherever possible we use leathers that are tanned using low-impact processes with a minimum of chemical processing. Skins are hand-chosen for softness & quality and hand-cut to maintain their individual character. Variations in texture, form and colour are normal and define the unique natural beauty of each piece.

Our full grain Pebbled cowhide is a finished leather tanned with a sheer protective topcoat and needs very little care to maintain. It is scratch, stain & water resistant and very durable, despite it softness. To prevent damage to the protective finish, care should be taken to avoid road salt, oils & corrosive materials. Most dirt / stains can be removed with a damp cloth or baby wipe.

The beauty of our calf nappa comes from it’s smooth natural finish. As it is not heavily treated it is slightly more susceptible to color transfer & scratches. A basic leather protection spray suitable for Nappa applied every six months (more if you live somewhere wet) will improve it’s longevity.

Unlike Suede, Nubuck is a top-grain leather with a brushed surface and thus retains all of the strength of a top-grain cowhide. While very durable in general, the buffed finish is more susceptible to stains & scratches and should be protected with a Suede & Nubuck protector every 3 – 4 months. Surface dirt, scuffs & light scratches can be removed with a suede brush and/or cleaning block.

Lambskin, by nature is a more delicate leather with a sublimely soft hand and a more natural finish. Your Shrunken Lamb piece is not something you should be afraid to use, but care should be taken not to regularly over-fill your Lambskin bag. To keep your piece beautiful we recommend treating with a water-proofing and protecting spray once every 3-4 months.

Suede while soft and beautiful, by nature is not as strong as top grain leathers and care should be taken not to regularly over fill your suede bag. It is also more susceptible to color transfer. A basic suede protection spray applied regularly will help repel moisture & dirt & prevent staining. Use a suede brush for cleaning.

Our shearling & Calf Hair are genuine hair-on skins and should be treated with care. As they are unfinished some color transfer may occur. Variations in texture & color are normal and part of the inherent beauty of these pieces.

Metallic & Mirror leathers have been laminated with a smooth metallic finish. As this is an applied finish it is more susceptible to scratches & creasing. Creases will occur naturally during production and with use. These are not flaws and should be considered part of the beauty of the piece. Embossed Leathers are naturally softer and will yield and relax with use. This is a normal characteristic of embossed leathers and is not considered a flaw.

Basic Care for all Leathers

Light stains and surface dirt can be removed by gently wiping clean with a damp cloth and allowing the leather to air dry naturally, away from heat & direct sunlight

Never scrub or abrade the surface of the leather as this can damage the finish

As a general rule, leather care products should be used sparingly and only when necessary, such as after cleaning or in very damp climates

To store when not in use, stuff your bag loosely with paper to keep it’s shape and store it in a moderate environment away from heat sources and direct sunlight

Never store your leather bag in plastic. Like skin, leather needs to breath

Avoid exposure to extreme heat, cold and very bright light

Use care to avoid contact with light color garments or furniture as leather is natural material that breaths, it may shed some color

Avoid contact with water, grease, oils and cosmetics

Never use any oils or oil based products on your bag

Dark denim & over dyed denim can ruin a light colored bag. Avoid it.

For deep staining or finish damage seek a leather care specialist