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Leather Care


Opelle uses only top-grain leather tanned to retain it’s natural protective properties. In addition, each bag is pre treated prior to shipping with a sheer protective finish to keep out the elements. So your Opelle bag is wear-ready and easy care. Follow these basics to keep your bag in it’s best condition through years of use.

Light stains and surface dirt can be removed by gently wiping clean with a damp cloth and allowing the leather to air dry naturally, away from direct sunlight

Never scrub or abrade the surface of the leather as this can damage the protective finish

As a general rule, leather care products should be used sparingly and only when necessary, such as after cleaning or in very damp climates

To store when not in use, stuff your bag loosely with paper to keep it’s shape and store it in a moderate environment away from heat sources and direct sunlight

Never store your leather bag in plastic. Like skin, leather needs to breath

Avoid exposure to extreme heat, cold and very bright light

Use care to avoid contact with light color garments or furniture as leather is natural material that breaths, it may shed some color

Avoid contact with water, grease, oils and cosmetics

Never use any oils or oil based products on your bag

For deep staining or finish damage, seek a leathercare specialist

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